Hello, my name is ChilliJonCarne

Welcome to Chillijoncarne Cooks a food blog. My name isn't actually ChilliJonCarne although very close it's Jonathan Carney. I'm a fully qualified Architectural Technologist, who has a growing passion for cooking and is there a better way of sharing this passion than writing a blog and cooking the things that I love for friends and family.

The reasoning behind the nickname Chillijoncarne, is something that was thought of years ago and derives from a cross between the popular mexican dish & my own name and hence its stuck.

This blog will just showcase my cooking skills ranging from weeknight quick but delicious meals, to something a little more extravagant and complex for weekend meals. You will find new posts on the blog weekly, maybe more if I'm feeling generous

Hopefully you enjoy this blog, as much as I do creating it.

Jonathan Carney